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John Lynch & Kim Sessums | Mapping a Modern MS

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

John Lynch feels an inexplicable desire to repurpose spaces in Downtown Brookhaven. He calls it a “disease” or a “passion.” From this desire, the Inn on Whitworth, a Bed and Breakfast in Brookhaven, was born. Kim Sessums, a doctor/artist, was commissioned to decorate the space, and together, they have created a space where people like to be. For the past five years, people from around the world have enjoyed the Inn on Whitworth!

“Once we got the place done and people began to come in and visit, what we found out was—and I tell Johnny this all the time—if you make the space good, people may not know why they like to be in it, but they
like to be in it. And that’s what happens here. People come in, probably different from anything they had known before… And they liked the art.”-Kim

“We get international travelers doing the Blue’s Trail, they’re going to New Orleans for various reasons. And so they come in and go ‘I cannot believe that this is in Brookhaven. This is
just so different.’”-John