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Julie Kuklinsky | Mapping a Modern MS

Monday, October 3, 2016

Julie Kuklinsky is the Director of the Women in Construction program on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Leading demo crews after Hurricane Katrina, Julie fell in love with rebuilding houses and working with women in the construction field. Now, she continues to empower women by training them in a typically male-dominated field.

“When we do a project, it’s community-based—it’s not for profit at all. We do it to help the community, but our students get valuable learning. So after the storm, we were working in houses of people who needed it, and our students were getting trained on the site. So it was like a win-win situation for people who needed work done and women who needed to learn. And something interesting that’s in Mississippi to the core is that people appreciate people who work hard and it doesn’t really matter their gender.”-Julie

This interview is part of the Museum’s Mapping a Modern Mississippi Initiative.