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Meet Max, the Modern Machine

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

​For the longest time, Max was nameless, naught but another ubiquitous white cargo van traveling to and fro, here and there, treading the same old roads.

But one day, Max discovered modern art. He became captivated by Pollock’s twisting cosmos of paint. Rothko and O’Keeffe moved him. de Kooning jolted him. Calder delighted him. Most of all, Max was overcome with an urge to become something new, to break free from outside conventions and preconceptions just like the artists had.

He got a new style. He no longer was lost in the crowd. He was unique. And he decided that he wanted to travel new roads. He recruited two Museum staffers to accompany him on his quest to find the stories of how Mississippians innovate and trail blaze and explore. Max dares to differ. Do you?