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Roy Windham | Mapping a Modern MS

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Roy Windham brings community and classically American food to Hattiesburg through The Porter, a pub that he opened after returning from Nashville. Windham’s vision centers on bringing people together and highlighting the talents of Mississippians. Whether showcasing local musicians or locally brewed beers, The Porter embodies and highlights Modern Mississippi.

“It’s taking what people have done for thousands and thousands of years, gathering together socially with people of likeminded—or even different mindedness—gathering together over food or over drink or over drink or song or art or whatever it is. They gather together, and they live life together. And I think that’s so important, and we lose that a lot, especially in our culture with the digital and everything else, we lose that togetherness, that moment that is art. I mean really, life is art, and this idea that is everything is unique; every moment is unique.”-Roy

This interview is part of the Museum’s Mapping a Modern Mississippi Initiative.