C3 Community Art Series

Each year, the Museum hosts a unique and original project as part of our ongoing series, C3: Creativity. Conversation. Community. Local or visiting artists lead a participatory art installation consisting of workshops throughout the Winter and Spring, culminating in a public installation in The Art Garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art during Spring Break. The goal of this series, inaugurated in 2012, is to bring together the diverse members and citizens of the community for the purpose of fueling an artwork that is representative of this place and of Mississippi as a whole. For more information about the C3 series, contact Carol Heidelberg at cheidelberg@msmuseumart.org.

2016 project:

Artists Angela Davis Johnson and Muthi Reed present Haints & Healing: the Hollerin Space. During the project, Angela and Muthi will generate conversations and assist the community in multi-disciplinary workshops and actions focusing on the process of “world building” from portraits and oral history documentation of Mississippians who have lived and died in the struggle for social justice. This process will ultimately lead to the creation and installation of “sacred sites” in The Art Garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art.

This project is supported by Alternate Roots.


Join us for a week-long culminating celebration of our 2016 series C3: Creativity. Conversation. Community. Haints & Healing: The Hollerin Space will complete its three-month run with the unveiling of their Spirit Stations sculptures called “Thrones” in The Art Garden and surrounding areas. These mixed-media, sound, and assemblage sculptures document the stories and lost voices in the struggle for social justice in Mississippi and were co-created with Mississippi people facilitated by Atlanta-based artist Angela Davis Johnson and Philadelphia artist Muthi Reed.

The artists have crafted the below series of events to which all members of the community are invited.


Thursday, March 24

6 PM – Smith Robertson Museum Grounds
The installation will begin with an offsite processional. Participants are invited to meet Angela and Muthi at the Smith Robertson Museum to process down Farish Street in a walking meditation of the migrations of our past that have brought us here; the stories remembered and imagined.

Friday, March 25 – Thursday, March 31

10 AM – Smith Robertson Museum Atrium (March 25, 28 – 31) AND
10 AM – The Art Garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art (March 26 and 27)
Sitting in silent reflection as a group; preparing the mind to hold our ancestors, their memories and our imagined futures in reverence through the course of installation.

4 PM – Margaret Walker Throne (located on Farish Street just North of Church Street)
Walking together, experiencing the landscape as a people. A daily movement to reflect our historical movements in the landscape of our past.

5 PM – Mississippi Museum of Art Apothecary and The Art Garden
Activation of the shrines/thrones. Building THRONES as a community to lift up and honor our collective stories.

The installation in The Art Garden will consist of 4 central THRONES (and a fifth hyper-temporary throne). These are the sculptures which will remain after the conclusion of the project on March 31.


To elevate the seed keepers and the pathways & constellations of cultural MIGRATIONS and winds of change. A communal shrine honoring the seeds and migration stories we remember & imagine.

To elevate the black farmers of Holmes County, MS, black farmers of the South, and their descendants. A communal shrine honoring the land and folks relationship with the land-based stories of their people.

To give rise to the BREWING legacy of our ancestors – the core strengths of what we come from. A shrine about letting things go and holding on through libation. A shrine about the ancient future truths we hold. The creation of a communal resonance space.

To recognize the future BREWING transformations of our ancestors – a community repository of old bones we want to bury, the lies we been told that we need to put to rest.

Fifth Throne/Mecca
On the C Spire Stage there will be a THRONE which will only be up during the course of installation, March 25 – 31.
This Throne is the Heart Center/Conductor of Sound/Light Suspensions – a community Collection of projected sound + light artifacts – an open performance each day 6-10 PM.

Additionally, there will be a virtual THRONE for thoughts, messages, and photographic artifacts from the experience.

The community is invited to participate in all of the above activities including construction of the THRONE shrines. There will be materials available here at the Museum, but the community is also invited to bring their own stories, pictures, objects, prayers, native seeds, copper pennies, pots, pans, and domestic items. The community is also invited to prepare songs and sounds which can be transmitted through an app to become part of the mix for the Mecca Throne open performance.

For more information or to get involved, contact Director of Family and Community Programs Carol Heidelberg at cheidelberg@msmuseumart.org.

Project hashtags for 2016, as chosen by the artists:


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