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Envision Mississippi

Envision Mississippi

Picturing Mississippi, 1817-2017: Land of Plenty, Pain, and Promise opens in Jackson December 9, 2017. This spectacular exhibition of more than 135 works depicts the people, places, and events of the state’s rich legacy, created over more than 200 years by artists from Mississippi and around the world.

People have long been telling stories about this place.

Continue the tradition.

Artists have been depicting Mississippi for more than 200 years, even before the territory became a state in 1817. Some artists who had never even been to Mississippi created work that envisioned what “Mississippi” meant. As we celebrate the state’s bicentennial in 2017, the Museum invites you to envision Mississippi - not in the distant past, but in the far-away future. Take inspiration from the artists of history and your own experiences to envision the state 200 years from now. What will Mississippi be like in 2217?

Illustrate Mississippi’s future:

If there were a picture book exploring Mississippi in 2217, what would adorn the pages? Unleash your wildest imagination and create a drawing, painting, collage, or design that depicts your ideas for the state’s possible (or impossible) future.

Fill the book with Mississippi characters and stories:

Build upon the storytelling traditions of the past and write an imaginative short story, vignette, poem, or other written work that explores the future of Mississippi people, place, daily life, or society.

Email your submissions to Julian Rankin at jrankin@msmuseumart.org.

More details forthcoming, including information about how your submission could earn you prizes like Museum membership, exhibition tickets, and gift cards.