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#VaultVantage: May 2014

By Caitlin Podas, Museum Registrar

If you ever find yourself engaged in conversation with a museum registrar, ask them what their favorite room in the museum is. Chances are, they will tell you their favorite place is the storage room. Storage is a magical place for several reasons. It offers type-A personalities, as most registrars are, a place where they can organize the collection to their heart’s content; it is often the cleanest room in the whole museum; and most importantly, it is where all the treasures of the museum are kept. Unfortunately, it is also one of the places that few other people get to see. Through our blog series, Vault Vantage, our visitors can get a glimpse into the storage vault and see objects that are not typically on view.

As a new employee at the Mississippi Museum of Art, I especially love exploring storage because every time I open a drawer or pull out an art rack I find something new and sometimes unexpected....

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Posted on Monday, May 5, 2014 by MMA

#ArtAroundUs - Randy Hayes

In our new blog series, #ArtAroundUs, we find visual arts examples beyond the Museum’s walls. This week, we’re staying relatively close to home, as we spotlight Souvenir of Mississippi, the sprawling artwork by Randy Hayes that marks two of the entryways to The Art Garden. Next time you visit, take some time to examine these photographs for yourself, and think back to the memories and images that make up your own souvenir of the state. As you go out into the world, hashtag and share your photos of visual art with us on Twitter and Instagram, @MSMuseumArt.

Here’s what the artist has to say about this incredible installation.

“Every year, for more than twenty years, I have photographed the Mississippi landscape. Souvenir of Mississippi combines a few of those photographs into a single, imaginary road trip through Mississippi, from the Tennessee border, through the Hill Country, the Delta, River Towns, Central Mississippi, and the Piney Woods to the Gulf of Mexico.


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Posted on Friday, May 2, 2014 by MMA

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