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Chatham Kemp - 2014 MS Invitational Artist

“My paintings celebrate my love of making discoveries with the expressive power of color and the physical process of layering paint on canvas. Each work walks a line between representation and abstraction. Certainly, they suggest natural forms such as plants, trees and flowers, not to mention weather patterns and other natural world references.Yet, first, they are also concrete forms where I attempt to organize and harness the energies of color, shape, light, marks, and patterns. Fundamental to my paintings is the south Mississippi landscape that I call home. Here there is no “long view” of the natural world. Instead, one is perpetually staggered by the bright sun and sky and the intense, highly-charged colors of trees and flowers always so close at hand, blanketed by humidity. It is my hope that the paintings are like a long walk in this environment where one is, at times, overwhelmed by the sensations of light and color, but it is the overall impact of the experience that one remembers.

What interests me in painting is composing an entire world made of fragments – a patch...

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Posted on Monday, December 1, 2014 by MMA

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