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Hannaberry Visits North Mississippi for C3 Workshops

By The HannaBerry Workshop, 2015 C3 Artists

Recently, we traveled to North Mississippi to conduct a number of workshops as part of this year’s C3 participatory art project, Looking Forward to Happiness. Our first stop was Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS. We got to speak about surviving as working artists and about our project with the Museum. The lecture struck the interests of several graphic design classes, who ended up making over 25 digital collages for C3!

During our travels in the Delta, we were graciously hosted by ArtPlace Mississippi in Greenwood. This town took us by surprise with all its’ character and charm. While there, we had a woman come in to the workshop, interested in what event was taking place. We explained what the C3 project was about this year and peaked her interest; but shortly after, she told us her two teenage boys were in the car and she had to run. Somehow, a group of collagers provoked the two boys into coming inside and making art with the rest of the community. This talented...

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Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 by MMA

Chef’s Eye - Fabric of Family

By Nick Wallace, Executive Chef

For my monthly segment on art and food, I decided to talk about an artwork in The Mississippi Story that has long caught my eye. It’s a quilt by Clancy McGrew called Waiting for Father to Have Dinner. Looking at this piece takes me back to childhood. I see my family in it. I see nana. I see my mom. I see my sister – she’s the one all dressed up because she had to look like a supermodel, even at the dinner table. I see all my cousins.

But for my experience, I’d have to change the title a bit. Because my dad wasn’t around growing up. After eight years old, I didn’t see him again until I was twenty. I was the dad, the one they waited on. And I was the one carrying and preparing the food. Everyone knew to wait until Nick got off school or woke up in the morning to cook for...

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Posted on Friday, February 6, 2015 by MMA

#VaultVantage - Salvador Dali

By Caitlin Podas, Registrar

So much of my job is black and white – there’s very little room for interpretation. Shipments need to get from point A to point B, paperwork has to be signed, and thorough note taking is a must. I love these aspects of my job, don’t get me wrong, but I am also very thankful I get to handle artworks that help stretch my imagination.

Enter Salvador Dali. The museum has 9 artworks by the Spanish surrealist master and each one is more fantastical than the next. Surrealism emerged in the 1920s as a forum for literary critics and poets and derived its position from neurologist Sigmund Freud’s teachings on dreams and the subconscious. In the 1930s surrealism evolved to reflect romantic fantasy and magic realism. Dali and other artists including Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro studied the works of Freud and sought to document his theories through art.

This lithograph first caught my eye simply because of the title. The translation of the...

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Posted on Monday, February 2, 2015 by MMA

#C3Project2015 Workshop Update from the Artists

Now that the classroom has opened and the project is unveiled, we are receiving a generous amount of collages from all over Mississippi. With the amount of support and participation this years C3 project is receiving, “Looking Forward to Happiness” is well on its’ way to being completed.

Big thanks to the Boy Scout Troop 164 for giving C3 some really creative collages to work with during last weeks’ workshop! Your troop has such imaginative spirits and the energy to accomplish anything you set your minds to.

While at the C3 workshop, the Scouts earned their Art Merit Badge! Congratulations to all the boys who participated and please come back March 7-14 to see how your collages helped complete The Art Garden pavilion.

Also, we want to recognize the vigorous JSU After School Kids College for your submitted pieces. You all came to your workshop ready to create!

This spirited group, of all ages,...

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Posted on Monday, February 2, 2015 by MMA

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