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Art as cultural ambassador

The Museum was honored to host some special out-of-town guests this week, Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer and his wife Rhoda Dermer. Accompanied by First Lady Deborah Bryant, the Ambassador and his wife toured The Mississippi Story exhibition with MMA Director Betsy Bradley. It was the Ambassador’s first visit to Mississippi, and he was struck, he said, by the number of impressive Mississippians whose work was on display. His wife, a quilter, was appreciative of the textiles, like that of the late Gwendolyn A. Magee. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with visitors beyond the state’s borders and bond over the common threads of art.

If you have out-of-town family and friends who visit the state or know of someone who could use an introduction to Mississippi’s places and people, remember that The Mississippi Story exhibition is ongoing and always free to the public.

Photo (left to right): First Lady Deborah Bryant, Mrs. Rhoda Dermer, Ambassador Ron Dermer, Betsy Bradley

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Posted on Thursday, April 30, 2015 by MMA

#EngagedDesign - #ReadyForHillary – but not for that logo

By Graphic Designer, Amanda Lucius

A brief defense of Hillary’s H

Two weeks ago, Hillary Clinton announced her (obvious) bid as presidential candidate, and the internet exploded. Reports about her, her campaign, her standing legacy, and her wardrobe came flooding into cultural conversations. The common reaction in my design-centered circle of peers online was a resounding, “Ugh, what is that logo?”

It was my initial reaction, too. The blocky H bothered me so much, I immediately drew a quick version that was slightly more visually refined. Throughout the week following the announcement, other designers threw out their own versions of a better mark on blogs and social media. Grids and arrows and golden means came out in defense of aesthetic clarity.

I don’t care too much about political figures, but I do care about design. And that H just didn’t carry the punch we come to expect from not only Hillary, but the supposed “in touch” left.

Love him or hate him, Obama had great branding. It was one reason he won that election. Twice. Marketing matters.

Hillary knows this. Or rather,...

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Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 by MMA

Earth Day Goodness

Our own personal slice of Earth Day goodness comes from local Jackson students and our Chef Nick Wallace who are planting new growth in our forthcoming urban plot, The Payton City Farm Learning Garden. The produce that is grown here will be used to help educate students about nutrition and sustainability and also serve as a hub for ingredients that will be featured in the menu at The Palette Café. This garden is dedicated in memory of Alyne Payton by Merry Walker Dougherty and Katie Walker McBrayer with the hope that it might offer the nourishment for body and soul that its honoree so lovingly provided. It is also funded in part by a grant from Whole Cities Foundation, and executed in collaboration with The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi.

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Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 by MMA

#MMAMinimalist - “Toy Story 2”

The Museum and Crossroads Film Society will present the outdoor film series, Screen on the Green in The Art Garden featuring “Toy Story 2” next Thursday April 23, in conjunction with Museum After Hours and The Food Truck Festival. We look forward to seeing everyone here celebrating in the excitement. Until then, enjoy our #MMAminimalist movie posters, courtesy of Graphic Designer Amanda Lucius. See last month’s poster for “The Grand Budapest Hotel” here.

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Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2015 by MMA