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An Artist’s Look - Wyatt Waters and Marie Hull

Wyatt Waters, the watercolorist who now occupies his well-deserved place in the contemporary context of Mississippi art, was once a lesser-known art student at Mississippi College. It was during those years in the late 1970s that he met Marie Hull, who herself was nearing the end of a long and prolific career as a painter. She gave him an audience at a local gallery opening, and the two talked for over an hour. The words of wisdom she imparted still impact Waters all these years later.

“When I grew up there weren’t that many people I knew of who painted around here,” Waters said. “Her speaking with me had a big influence. She was a very unusual and fascinating person, and she told me all of the things I needed to do with my life.”

Among her recommendations to Waters was that he, as an aspiring artist, needed to have the “European experience” – to travel, as she had, to exotic climes and explore uncharted – pun intended – waters. Hull gave similar advice to patrons of the arts and encouraged them to do their...

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Posted on Friday, October 2, 2015 by MMA

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