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C3 Spring Break Culmination!

It’s the final week of our 2015 C3 community art project, Looking Forward to Happiness! Join us during Spring Break for these following C3 events:

C3 Spring Break Workshops Tuesday, March 10 - 10 AM and 2 PM It’s the final week of our 2015 C3 community art project, Looking Forward to Happiness! Come to create during two C3 Model Making and collage workshops at 10 AM and 2 PM with artists from The HannaBerry Workshop. The C3 studio will be open during regular Museum hours for collage designing and assembling. Enjoy lunch at The Palette Café by Viking and watch the 2015 C3 installation unfold before your eyes on the BankPlus green in The Art Garden. For more information on this year’s C3 project, click here. Cost: Free to the public, lunch available for purchase

C3 Spring Break Workshops Wednesday, March 11 - 10 AM and 2 PM It’s the final week of our 2015 C3 community art project, Looking Forward to Happiness! Come to create during two C3 Model Making and collage workshops at 10 AM and 2...

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Posted on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 by MMA

#C3Project2015 - HannaBerry Thanks Contributors

By The HannaBerry Workshop, 2015 C3 Artists

This week, we would like to acknowledge a few people who were essential to this years’ C3 project.

First, BIG THANKS to A+ Signs for all their help and advice on how to create a sturdy pavilion. Without their expertise, HannaBerry alone would not have been able to see this project through! Also, A+ Signs will be printing the final sails that make up the pavilion, so obviously they are a huge asset to this installation! Thank you!

Second, we would like to acknowledge Austin Richardson for his handy metal work on the bases of the pavilion. The bases will be laser-cut, organic shapes that Austin will weld to a separate piece that holds the column to which the sails attach. This is the second C3 project in a row that Richardson has had a hand in.

Lastly, the largest amount of imagery submissions came from 2 individuals from Jackson, MS! Lindsey Lemmon and TJ Legler,...

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Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 by MMA

#C3Project2015 - Wrapping up the Workshops!

By The HannaBerry Workshop, 2015 C3 Artists

This week was our last week of “on the road” workshops for this year’s C3 participatory art project, Looking Forward to Happiness. We hit the coast twice this week and had two really great workshops at Kress Live and The Ohr-O’Keefe Museum in Biloxi.

We really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of our MS Gulf Coast people! They spoke about how much they loved their end of the state and how there is always something going on. During both workshops, the weather was absolutely beautiful and everyone was in high spirits for a relaxing few hours of art making.

Most people, both in North MS and the coast, described our collaging workshops as art therapy! It was so great to see self-described,“non-artsy” people as they opened up and began to create wonderful collages.

The classroom...

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Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 by MMA

#SocialPractice Resonates

By daniel johnson, artist in residence and Director of Engagement and Learning

On January 9th, the final official expression of the 2014 C3 Project went on display at the Mississippi Museum of Art. Hanging off the west end of the Museum along the Walker Garden is a small Core Sample chime featuring 203 of the hand-made clay bells created during last year’s C3 project, Core Sample, a work of Significant Developments, LLC.

Listening to these bells resonate is a reminder of how the impacts of social practice emanate beyond the forms that they take. The connections made among participants as they work alongside each other lead to new relationships and activity which extend far beyond the project. The ideas invoked in viewers as they experience the work likewise lead to new thoughts and endeavors down the line.

In some ways, this is really no different than the ways we are affected by more traditional art objects. For a painter or a sculptor, every step in the process carries meaning. From the interactions with the counter person at...

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Posted on Friday, February 13, 2015 by MMA

Hannaberry Visits North Mississippi for C3 Workshops

By The HannaBerry Workshop, 2015 C3 Artists

Recently, we traveled to North Mississippi to conduct a number of workshops as part of this year’s C3 participatory art project, Looking Forward to Happiness. Our first stop was Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS. We got to speak about surviving as working artists and about our project with the Museum. The lecture struck the interests of several graphic design classes, who ended up making over 25 digital collages for C3!

During our travels in the Delta, we were graciously hosted by ArtPlace Mississippi in Greenwood. This town took us by surprise with all its’ character and charm. While there, we had a woman come in to the workshop, interested in what event was taking place. We explained what the C3 project was about this year and peaked her interest; but shortly after, she told us her two teenage boys were in the car and she had to run. Somehow, a group of collagers provoked the two boys into coming inside and making art with the rest of the community. This talented...

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Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 by MMA

#C3Project2015 Workshop Update from the Artists

Now that the classroom has opened and the project is unveiled, we are receiving a generous amount of collages from all over Mississippi. With the amount of support and participation this years C3 project is receiving, “Looking Forward to Happiness” is well on its’ way to being completed.

Big thanks to the Boy Scout Troop 164 for giving C3 some really creative collages to work with during last weeks’ workshop! Your troop has such imaginative spirits and the energy to accomplish anything you set your minds to.

While at the C3 workshop, the Scouts earned their Art Merit Badge! Congratulations to all the boys who participated and please come back March 7-14 to see how your collages helped complete The Art Garden pavilion.

Also, we want to recognize the vigorous JSU After School Kids College for your submitted pieces. You all came to your workshop ready to create!

This spirited group, of all ages,...

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Posted on Monday, February 2, 2015 by MMA

#C3Project2015 - First Sail for the C3 Community Art Project Complete

This piece will hang, with other sails of all sizes, in the Art Garden at MMA to make up the final pavilion installation in March. Each sail is made up of imagery and collages of happy memories from all over Mississippi.

Here, Morgan is in the Mississippi Museum of Art classroom- already documenting completed C3 collages. We will use these to make more of the sails for the outdoor pavilion installation in #TheArtGarden.

This model gives an idea of what the final installation in #TheArtGarden will look like.

Collaging and photo submissions will continue through February. Workshops will be happening statewide over the next few weeks! Submit your photos to C3Project2015@gmail.com or via instagram ‪#‎C3Project2015‬ Thank you all for your participation in this wonderful art project!

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Posted on Friday, January 30, 2015 by MMA

#C3Project2015 Happy Images

These are a few images the public has been sending in for #C3Project2015 - Looking Forward to Happiness. Submit yours to c3project2015@gmail.com, use ‪#‎c3project2015‬ on social media, or create your own collage. You can even collage in the Entergy Classroom anytime during regular Museum hours, or work with the artists at MMA on Thursdays and Saturdays, 10 AM - 2 PM.

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Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 by MMA

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