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#VaultVantage: Edd Lambdin Folk Art

By Caitlin Podas, Registrar

Most of the Museum’s collection of folk art is stored in one cabinet, which is both entertaining and terrifying. Every time I open that cabinet I notice something else staring back at me, because most of the art has eyes. One day it’s a gigantic wooden badger, another day it’s an anthropomorphic elephant or a severed cow’s head, and the next it’s a contemporary earthenware face jug. Today it was a monkey riding a two headed horse. The monkey and his steed caught my eye mostly because they are both such bright colors, but also because they look so animated. It seems like they jumped out of a children’s fairytale and right into our vault.

The artist, Edd Lambdin, is a native Kentuckian and started making objects around 1980 both for his own amusement and for his nieces and nephews. Lambdin makes his sculptures out of pieces of wood he finds when he explores the forest, but some elements are...

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Posted on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 by MMA

#VaultVantage: Sam Gilliam

By Caitlin Podas, Registrar

I have no shame in telling you that I get distracted very easily. Especially when I have to work in the Vault. If I’m trying to find a storage location for a new acquisition I inevitably get distracted by every other artwork that already exists in that space. It’s a constant internal dialogue of, ‘Ooh I didn’t know we had this artist! I wonder what else we have by them. I must find out this very minute and then find each piece.’ I was recently comforted to find out that I am not the only person this happens to.

Last week I was in the Vault with Beth Batton and Roger Ward, two of our curators, looking at artworks for an exhibition scheduled for next year. As we perused the racks Roger noticed a piece that I had previously overlooked. Before we knew it all three of us were thrown off track and fully absorbed with the artwork (which had nothing to do with the upcoming exhibition).

The artwork that we were looking at...

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Posted on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 by MMA

#VaultVantage: The O’Keeffe Comes Home

By Caitlin Podas, Registrar

Artifact loans are one of my favorite things about working in museums. Lending artifacts, or in our case artworks, to other institutions allows people from all over the world to view pieces that they may never have been able to see otherwise. A couple weeks ago, the Museum’s Georgia O’Keefe painting returned to the Museum vault after travelling on loan for about a year. The Old Maple, Lake George was a part of an exhibition organized by the Hyde Collection of Glens Falls, NY entitled Modern Nature: Georgia O’Keefe and Lake George. The painting began its journey in May 2013 in Glens Falls, NY where it was on display with fifty-seven other paintings by O’Keefe.

From New York, our painting went to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and finished out the exhibition tour in San Francisco, California. I got to go to San Francisco to oversee the de-installation of our painting at the deYoung Museum, which...

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Posted on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 by MMA

#VaultVantage: May 2014

By Caitlin Podas, Museum Registrar

If you ever find yourself engaged in conversation with a museum registrar, ask them what their favorite room in the museum is. Chances are, they will tell you their favorite place is the storage room. Storage is a magical place for several reasons. It offers type-A personalities, as most registrars are, a place where they can organize the collection to their heart’s content; it is often the cleanest room in the whole museum; and most importantly, it is where all the treasures of the museum are kept. Unfortunately, it is also one of the places that few other people get to see. Through our blog series, Vault Vantage, our visitors can get a glimpse into the storage vault and see objects that are not typically on view.

As a new employee at the Mississippi Museum of Art, I especially love exploring storage because every time I open a drawer or pull out an art rack I find something new and sometimes unexpected....

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Posted on Monday, May 5, 2014 by MMA

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