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Meet the Farmers for May’s ‘sipp Sourced

Meet the farmers of Beaverdam Fresh Farms! These farmers are part of this month’s ‘sipp Sourced pop up menu with Chef Nick Wallace. Ingredients from their farm will be featured for three days, May 21-23, as part of the themed menu, “Breakfast after Breakfast”.

Beaverdam Fresh Farms is a biologically diverse farm that was established in 2010 by Dustin and Ali Pinion. They define their farming practices on mimicking natural patterns that build organic matter and preserve the land for future generations. Their livestock are rotated onto fresh pastures daily (or weekly depending on the animal) in order to spread the manure around the farm and lessen the impact on the land. By mimicking natural patters, their livestock are healthier; therefore they do not need any antibiotics,vaccinations, or added hormones. They partner with other local farmers around their region to deliver dairy products, honey, fruit,vegetables, and their meats and eggs to their buying clubs locations all over north central Mississippi including Jackson and Meridian.

Join Chef Nick...

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Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2015 by MMA

Chef’s Eye - Gather Up Y’all

By Nick Wallace, Executive Chef

In this installment of Chef’s Eye, I wanted to share an artwork with you that exemplifies the way I view food. As it starts to get warm outside, that means more outdoor events and more people coming together to enjoy the venues and street corners and spaces in the city (like the Food Truck Festival and Live at Lunch! and all the events in The Art Garden that are coming up here at the Museum). For me, this piece by Miriam Weems speaks to the power of food to fuel community activity. Painted in 2001 of a scene from Jackson’s Jubilee Jam, a popular event in past years, it showcases the role that food and fellowship play in almost every gathering and celebration.

I can tell - when I extrapolate this narrative of the painting in my mind - that this celebration started with food. Even though the music seems to be at the center, the food stalls and vendors on the periphery anchor the...

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Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 by MMA

Chef’s Eye - Fabric of Family

By Nick Wallace, Executive Chef

For my monthly segment on art and food, I decided to talk about an artwork in The Mississippi Story that has long caught my eye. It’s a quilt by Clancy McGrew called Waiting for Father to Have Dinner. Looking at this piece takes me back to childhood. I see my family in it. I see nana. I see my mom. I see my sister – she’s the one all dressed up because she had to look like a supermodel, even at the dinner table. I see all my cousins.

But for my experience, I’d have to change the title a bit. Because my dad wasn’t around growing up. After eight years old, I didn’t see him again until I was twenty. I was the dad, the one they waited on. And I was the one carrying and preparing the food. Everyone knew to wait until Nick got off school or woke up in the morning to cook for...

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Posted on Friday, February 6, 2015 by MMA

Chef’s Eye - Pickled and Preserved

By Nick Wallace, Executive Chef

My passions about locally sourced ingredients and southern food mesh perfectly in my position as Executive Chef at the Mississippi Museum of Art. Walking the galleries of The Mississippi Story, I see artistic sojourns all around. Pieces reflect the African Diaspora, the fertile Delta, Old Master techniques translated anew by Mississippi artists. These same ideas parallel the histories of West African okra and French-inspired cuisine and home grown food that I live every day. I see, in the visual art around me, a reflection of the culinary world. Another medium of creativity.

Glennray Tutor (born 1950), Still Life: A Season of Moment, 2003. oil on linen. Copyright © the artist.

It’s in this spirit that I’ll be sharing with you some of the artworks that invigorate me and make me think even more intentionally about the culinary art I strive to create. I’m lucky to be able to take my coffee just a few steps away from...

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Posted on Friday, January 9, 2015 by MMA

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