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#C3Project2015 - HannaBerry Thanks Contributors

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

By The HannaBerry Workshop, 2015 C3 Artists

This week, we would like to acknowledge a few people who were essential to this years’ C3 project.

First, BIG THANKS to A+ Signs for all their help and advice on how to create a sturdy pavilion. Without their expertise, HannaBerry alone would not have been able to see this project through! Also, A+ Signs will be printing the final sails that make up the pavilion, so obviously they are a huge asset to this installation! Thank you!

Second, we would like to acknowledge Austin Richardson for his handy metal work on the bases of the pavilion. The bases will be laser-cut, organic shapes that Austin will weld to a separate piece that holds the column to which the sails attach. This is the second C3 project in a row that Richardson has had a hand in.

Lastly, the largest amount of imagery submissions came from 2 individuals from Jackson, MS! Lindsey Lemmon and TJ Legler, thank you guys for all of your participation and support in our project “Looking Forward to Happiness!” Your imagery was not only thoughtful to the project’s theme, but absolutely stunning!

This installation could not have been completed without all of these people help and dedication!