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Carlyn Hicks | Mapping a Modern Mississippi

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Carlyn Hicks understands two essential things about Mississippians: We love to eat, and we love to talk. Inspired by this, she founded Jackson Foodies, a group that gathers food lovers across the area to patronize local businesses and to grow community.

“I think that Jackson is a ripe, fertile ground for creatives. You know, this is a creative economy because there is so much that can be done here in our city, but you do have to be a little creative in how you can do things. The different communities within our city really speak for themselves in an artistic way, in a community way. And I’m hoping that the Jackson Foodies can be a part of strengthening those communities and those economies around them.”-Carlyn

This interview is part of the Museum’s Mapping a Modern Mississippi Initiative.