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Donna Ladd | Mapping a Modern MS

Monday, October 24, 2016

Donna Ladd is the editor of the Jackson Free Press, which is a publication highlighting the good in Jackson. While attending Columbia, she came back to Mississippi to work on a Masters project and eventually decided to stay. Focusing on the younger generations, Donna hopes that the JFP could inspire someone to stay in the state.

“You know, I have a chip on my shoulder as a Mississippian about what people think about Mississippi. If there’s anything us Mississippians have in common, it’s that chip on their shoulder of what people think of Mississippi whether or not you agree on anything else…So my thing is that if you can get native Mississippians to really believe that they can go the distance, you know, and that they can not just be okay, not just be good, but to be really good… I think what we will continue to see more and more are Mississippians, these young people especially, come out of Mississippi thinking—not but not in a defensive way—that I’m from Mississippi, and I’m great, and there great people in Mississippi, and I’m going to change the reputation of Mississippi.”-Donna

This interview is part of the Museum’s Mapping a Modern Mississippi Initiative.