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Eye-to-Eye: Tammy Marion, Security

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Artwork: Malcolm Norwood, Promise of Fulfillment, 1963. oil on canvas. Gift of Mississippi Power & Light. Collection of Mississippi Museum of Art, 1963.004.

“When you come in, the color grabs you. The blues, the blacks, the greens, the whites.

“I’ve asked this question a hundred thousand times of anyone that wants to come in and talk about it: What do you see?

“And then they say, ‘well I see a tree. I see this that and the other.’ Then they say, ‘what do you see?’

“I say, ‘okay… I see a woman, with a baby… and this person is taking a picture of that. And somebody is talking in her ear or looking over her shoulder.’

“That’s all the things I’ve gotten from different people over the years plus what I’ve seen. But there’s no right or wrong. It’s not necessarily what the artist saw. It’s what you see.”

- Tammy Marion, Museum Security, sharing her favorite painting from The Mississippi Story.

After a decade of memories, we say farewell to The Mississippi Story exhibition and de-install 8,500 square feet of gallery space.

Find out why and what comes next.