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Joe Stradinger | Mapping a Modern MS

Monday, August 22, 2016

Conversation shapes the way Joe Stradinger views the world around him, and in Mississippi, there is an emphasis on conversation through our oral traditions. As businessman, Joe wanted to build a conversation with businesses and their clients, but his vision differs through the desire to reach those who are not looking for a business, event, or institution actively. His company, Edge Theory, is the first conversation-based media business in the state.

“How do we go back to this great asset called conversation? So I think that pushing the grain here where we live in Mississippi. It’s a great way—as you said, lots of people have already said ‘Why not?’ Fred Carl said, ‘Why not?’—and so we said, ‘Why do you have go hire lots of people? And why do you have to go focus on people looking for you? Why don’t you go look for people who are not looking for you?’”-Joe

This interview is part of the Museum’s Mapping a Modern Mississippi Initiative.