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Meet the “Seedsters”

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The latest in our Art in Us All Community Exhibition Series is now hanging in the public corridor, free to the public. The program invites nonprofit organizations in Mississippi to showcase art created by their constituents. In this installment, we celebrate the Mustard Seed, a non-profit and Christian community for adults with developmental disabilities. Mustard Seed was founded in 1981 to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of adults with special needs; their work has long included a studio art component led by distinguished Mississippi artists.

Learn more about the exhibition, and meet a few of the many “Seedsters” below. Visit the exhibition to see the art up close and to read more heartfelt stories.


Blair is a “born artist” who has a strong attention to detail and even keeps a database of images on his phone. Blair loves throwing the Frisbee, painting in neutral or darker colors, and is known for his fantastic fashion sense. He enjoys looking at tattoos for inspiration when painting his ceramics and is known for his detailed designs. At 6 feet tall, Blair is our “gentle giant” of whom we at The Mustard Seed are super proud.


Jane is an integral part of The Mustard Seed. Originally from Wisconsin, Jane loves the Green Bay Packers and good cheese. She also helps teach French and Sign Language to the other Seedsters. She wears many hats at The Mustard Seed, and we truly appreciate her work ethic.



Ricky is our Chuck Norris guru! He loves wearing his Texas Ranger badge or even showing off his autographed Chuck Norris headshot. One of Ricky’s favorite things to do is show volunteers old pictures in his wallet of his family. He also loves honey buns, country music, MSU football and his sisters.


Erin represented Team USA in bowling at the 2011 World Special Olympics in Greece. In addition to being a Mustard Seed day client, Erin works with her family at The Crawdad Hole, and loves foreign languages, Shania Twain, and singing! She is so fun!



In her spare time, Lindsay’s favorite thing to do is watch “Full House” or read comedy books filled with knock-knock jokes. She has a knock-knock joke for every day of the week and loves Joey Gladstone on “Full House” almost as much as she loves playing the piano and praying for her friends.


Andy enjoys being pool side with friends at The Mustard Seed. His laid-back attitude is one most envy, and he is always willing to go with the flow. In addition to painting, Andy loves animals, super heroes, race cars, and robots. Everyone needs a personality like Andy in their family because of his gentle nature.



Royce is full of life, loves football and basketball, playing the drums, his church, algebra, and dancing. Royce is 22 years old and such a gentleman. Royce says he enjoys being a good influence to his nieces and nephews.



Benny is the first to greet volunteers as they arrive at The Mustard Seed. He is a social butterfly and loves making new friends almost as much as he loves fishing, Mississippi Braves baseball, and eating. Benny could eat all day and never gain a pound. If only we all were so lucky! Benny is so outgoing and nice and is known for his famous thumbs up!