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New Collectors Club - Elizabeth Robinson of Spirit House Glass Studio

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The last New Collectors Club meeting was held inside Elizabeth Robinson’s Spirit House Glass Studio. Robinson has years of glass making experience with work on display in the Mississippi Museum of Art and recently awarded “Top Ten Artful Gifts” in Artful Home Magazine.

Upon entry to Robinson’s studio, located inside Fondren Underground, the vibe is cozy and quaint with a sign that reads “please fondle the glass”. With neighbors like Electric Dagger Tattoo and La Brioche, it occupies an ideal spot as part of this arts community. Robinson says “I know all the people and everyone who lives upstairs, there’s constant movement and it’s a great thing if you’re going to be an artist.”

As the new collectors gathered to see the studio and glass work, Robinson described the process of her artistry and demonstrated how to use a tool that cuts through the glass until it softly breaks. She then held the glass to the light and highlighted the blue, magenta, and gold that appeared from certain angles. “You kind of always know that it changes colors” Robinson continued, “Glass starts as viscosity and is sort of a liquid in a semi-solid state. Once you reach a stage when the viscosity is like honey it will move like you want it to. I like to take thick glass and fire different layers into it.”

The Spirit House glass formula consists of up to 20 different metals in a high-end glass shipped from Bulls Eye in Portland. The Spirit House Glass birds are most popular, and Robinson explained, “The birds start as their own thing and the second batch are made out of what’s left.” Once a palette is chosen and pieces are cut, the leftover pieces must be used on something - a part of the glass making process that took Robinson over 10 years to master.

The New Collectors Club meets at least ten times each year and offers a variety of programs and opportunities including arts related trips out of state. The club continues to be for Museum members who love art and want to learn to care for it, and for those who want to view private art collections, meet artists, see their studios and be the first to see their new work. There is a membership fee of $45 for an individual or $80 for a dual membership. The membership fee is renewable each year by September 30. A Museum membership is also required to join the New Collectors Club. You can Download a pdf of the Membership Form to sign up. Current members, there will not be a meeting this July and we will reconvene again in August.