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Zooming in on the Capital City

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Carol Cole, Jackson, MS, 1980, ca. 1983. acrylic on canvas.
Carol Cole, Jackson, MS, 1980, ca. 1983. acrylic on canvas.

This month, we’ve scoured the galleries to ZOOM in on locations, techniques and ideas. Here is Carol Cole’s Jackson, MS, 1980.

Hanging in The Mississippi Story, this acrylic on canvas shows what the downtown city of Jackson was like decades ago, and demonstrates both the preservation of structures and the modernization of the city itself. Iconic building like the Standard Life, the Regions Plaza Mall, the State Capitol and the Mississippi Coliseum stand tall as pictured still today.

While the artist took liberties in her placement of a few buildings and locations, the majority is true-to-life. Find Davis Planetarium on the right, adjacent to the Arts Center of Mississippi where the Museum used to stand. Just out of frame to the right is the plot of land where the Mississippi Museum of Art now resides, an example of modernization and change in the Capital.

The new building renovation, completed in 2007, expanded the Museum’s footprint to include larger permanent and changing exhibition space, Trustmark Grand Hall, classrooms, a woodshop, offices, The Museum Store, and The Palette Café. In Fall 2011, the Museum completed the second phase of a visionary plan, opening The Art Garden - a 1.2-acre public green space complete with outdoor art installations, the sprawling BankPlus Green, a performance stage, and various spaces for visitors to engage with the arts in a variety of forms.

Haven’t visited us recently? Captivating as this vintage depiction may be, don’t get stuck in the past. Come see us and explore!

Full artwork credit: Carol Cole (American, born 1943), Jackson, MS, 1980, ca. 1983. acrylic on canvas. Collection of the Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson. Gift of the artist, in memory of Dr. Willard L. Waldron, 1991.389.