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Education Digital Resources

Be engaged with the Museum, digitally! The Mississippi Museum of Art is offering FREE digital resources for all ages!

    The Mississippi Museum of Art’s Digitized Permanent Collection: Browse over 3,000 works of art! Click HERE to view.
    The Mississippi Museum of Art App: Engage with artwork inside the gallery, in your classroom, or at home! Connect with us HERE

Education Digital Resource Activities: Everyday learning and projects with step-by-step guides and pictures.
Stay up to date! Educational resources are regularly posted on Instagram (@msmuseumart) and Facebook (Mississippi Museum of Art) and will be updated on this page every Friday.

Check out our weekly updated activities for all ages!

*activity links are in a downloadable pdf format

Writing Activities

Trivia Activities

Art Activities

MMA Staff Selections

Center for Art & Public Exchange (CAPE)


Did you try an activity? Share your own work using the hashtags: #MMAEDU, #MMAEDUAtHome, #MuseumFromHome, and #TheMuseumSchoolMMA.