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Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows are full-time students at Belhaven University, Jackson State University, Millsaps College, or Tougaloo College chosen for their academic rigor and interest in teaching and museums to serve as the primary Museum educators for our K-12 school visits. Coming from a breadth of disciplinary interests, they are extensively trained on the Museum’s permanent collection on an ongoing basis. Fellows work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that a group’s visit to the Museum is as meaningful as possible, crafting a customized, thematic tour that aligns with a class’ curricular goals.

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Becoming a Teaching Fellow is ideal for a person with an interest in museums, history, child development, or education and offers both course-credit through independent study and a $2,500/semester stipend (as earned through fulfilling hourly time commitments). The Museum accepts applications on an annual basis for its Teaching Fellows. The application period is open from January 1 to February 28 each year. All applications are reviewed, at which point a select number of applicants will be contacted for an interview. Interviews are conducted during the month of March, and all applicants will be notified of the final decision in early April. Please note that the application process is very competitive, with a new cohort size limited to eight individuals.

Interested in becoming a Teaching Fellow? HOW TO APPLY

Questions? Contact the Director of School and Academic Programs, Merry Barnes, at mbarnes@msmuseumart.org.or 601.965.9909.


JASMINE KING is a junior at Jackson State University where she is majoring in Political Science. Jasmine applied to the Teaching Fellow program in order to learn more about art and the different ways it can be interpreted. After the training semester this fall, Jasmine said she has gained a deeper understanding of how art often highlights the forgotten and ignored parts of American history. She has been especially impressed with how policy historically has influenced art and is excited to share her knowledge with school groups in the spring. Jasmine is from Vicksburg, Mississippi and enjoys reading novels and assisting with research on campus in her free time. After graduating, Jasmine hopes to practice law.

ANASTASIA TAYLOR is a sophomore art and English double major at Tougaloo College. Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Anastasia chose to apply to be a Teaching Fellow because she loves art and would like to teach one day. She’s looking forward to learning about art and artists from Mississippi, all while gaining insight on how to be adaptable and improvise. Anastasia enjoys sleeping, watching YouTube, creating, animation, sipping tea, and eating fried pickles.

JOY SCOTT, a history major at Belhaven University, is from Montgomery, Alabama. She applied to the Teaching Fellow program because she thought it was an amazing opportunity to get to work with children and learn about art and how museums work. After completing the fall semester of training, Joy said that her perspective on art has changed dramatically. She’s looking forward to helping students dive into the artworks to discover things about themselves. In her spare time, Joy enjoys reading, watching movies, spending time with friends, and playing the piano. Joy is a senior, and after graduating hopes to teach middle school children in a classical school setting.

MYA LEE is a graduate student in history at Jackson State University. Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Mya applied to the Teaching Fellow program for the opportunity to explore the world of teaching and museum work. Mya said she’s most looking forward to working with different age groups and better understanding how to adapt to different learning styles. In her spare time, Mya enjoys reading, writing stories, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. After finishing her master’s degree at JSU, she hopes to obtain a law degree and PhD in History. She’s also working on learning Russian and Chinese.

LILY DORIAN is a junior studio art and psychology major at Millsaps College where she is involved in Kappa Delta Sorority and the Millsaps Outdoor Club. Lily is from Alexandria, Louisiana and applied for the Teaching Fellow program in order to pursue her love of the arts and of people. In her free time, Lily enjoys film making, photography, and creating her own art. After graduation, Lily hopes to pursue art therapy as a career path. After the training semester, she says that she’s grateful for the opportunity to gain real world experience as an art major that she couldn’t have found anywhere else.

EMMA CARTER of Memphis, Tennessee, says her experience in the Teaching Fellows program so far has solidified her desire to work in a museum one day. She loves the supporting, engaging, and fun environment and has enjoyed learning about museums and how they work. Emma is majoring in history with a minor in museum studies at Millsaps College. Emma plans to go to graduate school after Millsaps and in her free time enjoys reading, hiking, and eating with friends.

EIMILE BONNER is a junior elementary education major at Belhaven University. She originally applied to the Teaching Fellow program because she was interested in art and loves working with kids. Through the experience, she hopes to improve her classroom management skills and learn how to make formerly untouchable subjects accessible and exciting for young people. So far, Eimile says she has thoroughly enjoyed learning about history through artworks because it brings history to life in ways textbooks and school have not. In her free time, Eimile loves going on dates with her fiancé, petting kittens at the animal shelter, drinking coffee, creating artwork, and watching Netflix.


GRAYSTON BARRON is a senior at Millsaps College, double majoring in studio art and art history with a concentration in museum studies. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. She spends her spare time playing for the Millsaps Women’s soccer team, drawing, painting, running, and napping. Grayston applied for the Teaching Fellow program in the hopes of gaining valuable museum experience and improved research skills. She says that the opportunity to work with kids is a big bonus! After college, Grayston is considering graduate school.

LA’TRICE RAMSEY is an English and creative writing major at Tougaloo College where she is involved in the pre-alumni council, P.E.N.S. (Poetry, Essays, Narratives, and Stories), and the NAACP. As a junior, La’Trice already has multiple career plans, two of those being art critic and English-Literature professor. She is originally from Natchez, Mississippi, and decided to apply to the Teaching Fellow program because of her interest in art education. She’s looking forward to the learning experience and the training. In her spare time, La’Trice enjoys writing poetry and painting, especially while watching documentaries.

DETRICE ROBERTS is excited to return to the Teaching Fellow program for a third year! She received her bachelor’s degree from Tougaloo College and master’s in history from Jackson State University. Detrice currently works in the Study Abroad office at Tougaloo. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois, but knows and loves Jackson. She originally became involved in the Teaching Fellow program because of her love of art and working with children. Detrice knows she ultimately wants to teach, whether it be in a museum or in the classroom. In her spare time, Detrice likes to feed the homeless, paint, listen to music, and knit.

GENESIS RANEL of Zachary, Louisiana, is a Millsaps student majoring in history. Genesis applied to be a Teaching Fellow because she was excited about the opportunity to combine her love of learning and the arts. She hopes to gain perspective on whether museum work is in her future and if she’d like to pursue teaching at the college level. In her spare time, Genesis enjoys reading and spending time with her family. At Millsaps, Genesis serves as a mentor for the Millsaps Pathways to Success program and is an active member of Model UN and the Black Student Union.

The Teaching Fellows program is generously supported by the AT&T Foundation and Wells Fargo Foundation.