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Narratives of the Land


William Dunlap (born 1944), Road Side—Summer Light (detail), ca. 1996. mixed media on paper. Collection of the Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Strickland, 2001.037.

Endless Delta sky, telephone poles standing like crosses, remnants of a pier off the Gulf Coast, bottle trees perched in front of a 1930s sharecropper’s home: quintessential Mississippi scenes that embody what Eudora Welty famously referred to as our “sense of place.” Landscapes evoke the ethos of the time in which they were created, from William R. Hollingsworth’s and Welty’s frank representations of life during the Depression to Ke Francis’ and others’ contemporary fascination with history and memory of the land. Whether nostalgic, critical, or aesthetic, capturing Mississippi’s landscape means capturing its people. We are part of the land, and our history is etched throughout.