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​Voices in the Threads: Quilts from the Mississippi Museum of Art


Crossroads Quilters, Pieces and Strings (detail), 1997, quilted fabric, with ink, appliqué, and embroidery. Collection of the Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson. Purchase, with funds from Searcy Fund, 2008.079.

Quilting has been a skill and art form in this country from the time the first settlers arrived. Both Euro-American and African American quilting traditions relied heavily on the use of bold color and patterns. In addition, at a time when women were unable to vote, hold office, or be publicly heard, quilting became an outlet for the expression of their thoughts and feelings. Often times, quilts were important documents to chronicle heritage and traditions, sometimes featuring pivotal or painful life experiences. The quilts in this exhibition are newer representations of some of the traditional quilting styles and celebrate the heritage of quilting in Mississippi. Many have been purchased by the MMA from the Mississippi Cultural Crossroads Quilters, a network of quilters in Port Gibson who, per their mission, “celebrate the traditional quilting heritage of their community, while creating educational and economic opportunities for its citizens.”