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Alexis and Tanner have been working together for five years creating public artworks around the world. A native of Tupelo, Mississippi, Tanner, along with his wife, has created two public works for the city. Improving the spaces we live in, public or private, is what fuels their creative process.

The Stories

"It''s as labor intensive -- but as simple -- as you can imagine," said Tanner Coleman. The sculptor stood back, assessing progress on a three-ton brick artwork he and his wife, Alexis, have invested heart and hands in for the past few weeks. Smudged faces and clay-crusted fingers attested to the long, hot hours put in that day.

The couple work deep within the recesses of Columbus Brick Co., off Military Road. There, acres of metal buildings envelop a network of railcar lines and imposing machinery. For more than a century, craftsmen have produced literally millions of bricks at the local yard...

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Credit to: Jan Swoope, The Dispatch

Butterflies made of brick are growing in Ballard Park.

They’re part of a playable art project designed by Tupelo native Tanner Coleman. The installation also includes a sun with a tornado-shaped funnel. An unveiling will be Thursday, April 28, the two-year anniversary of the tornado that hit Tupelo and Lee County...

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Credit to: M Scott Morris, Daily Journal

Credit to: WTVA

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