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An Artist Co-op Gallery featuring Paintings, Drawings, Pottery, Sculpture, Photography, Woodworking, Metalworking, Digital Prints, etc.

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Credit to: Mohawk Street

Main Street in downtown Columbia today looks much like it did when the town was founded in 1819. The buildings are, for the most part, original, and the courthouse, which sits at the end of the street, harkens back to a time when things were a little grander. That grandness could be attributed to the brief time 1821 to 1822—when Columbia was the capitol of Mississippi. The splendid little town on the Pearl River named after Columbia, South Carolina, from which many of the first settlers came, seems untouched by the passing of time...

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Credit to: Kaitlyn Dubose, Mud and Magnolias

I love all of the individuality that is so proudly displayed. For such a small town, they sure do have a lot of talent. Such a great place.

Credit to: Anne Marie Cagle, Facebook Reviewer

Credit to: Mohawk Steel

Credit to: Mohawk Steel

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