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B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center

The mission of the B. B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center is to empower, unite and heal through music, art and education and share with the world the rich cultural heritage of the Mississippi Delta.

The Stories

Neither Elvis Presley nor BB King ever realised their ambitions. For the young Elvis it was to be a member of a gospel quartet. And as BB King explained: ‘I was going to have me a little farm. I could picture seeing myself farming, picture seeing a beautiful woman with my two or three kids coming out and bringing me some water. Those were my dreams.’

Those words are on display in the wonderful BB King Museum in Indianola, Mississippi, not far from where BB was born as Riley King. The word ‘wonderful’ is apt because it is a building full of wonder – the wonder of the man’s powerful and moving blues music, and the wonder of how he survived his childhood. It’s the kind of museum that lets you get intimately acquainted with the musician, from his dirt poor Mississippi roots to his worldwide success...

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I loved visiting the museum! I learned a great bit about BB King and blues in general. If you are in the Delta or passing through this is a must!

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Credit to: Barrett O'Donnell

As a young man, B.B. King called Indianola, Mississippi home. On Front Street, in the heart of the town, he played his guitar in door frames and on the streets, honing his craft for what would become one of the most celebrated musical careers in history...

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