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Base Camp Coding Academy

Located in Water Valley, MS, Base Camp Coding Academy (BCCA) is a hands-on, challenging and fun program, designed to train students to be software developers in 12 months. In a small classroom setting, students work with real world technologies to learn the fundamentals of coding, app development and the life leadership skills you they need to be successful in their career and competitive in the job market.

The Stories

Kagan is nothing short of visionary. Everything he imagines or aspires to create comes to fruition. What a lucky town he chose, and what an array of blessings and opportunities it has yielded to him and his family! Go, Water Valley folks! Go forth and prosper, all of y'all!

Credit to: Kitty Coughlin, Facebook review

Kagan Coughlin discusses his new Water Valley, Mississippi endeavor, Base Camp Coding Academy

Kagan Coughlin calls himself a builder of things. After leaving a lucrative career in finance, Coughlin and his family have become instrumental in the revitalization of downtown Water Valley, Mississippi. His projects include Base Camp Coding Academy, a fast-track vocational program for rising Mississippi software developers and coders who will go on to work with companies across the state that desperately need new talent.

This interview is part 2 of 3 where Kagan talks about how the  Base Camp coding Academy began.

Part 1: BTC Old fashioned grocery, which he co-founded with his wife, Alexe van Beuren.
Part 2: Mechanics Bank, which has been part of the town since 1892. 

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