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BeanFruit Coffee Company

Our mission is to provide fresh roasted coffee to the Jackson Metro and educate local consumers about great tasting coffee. We meticulously select our coffees from only the highest quality sources, and we roast it to perfection to bring out the character of each coffee.

We focus primarily on single origin coffees because want our customers to be aware of what beverage they are drinking, where it came from, and how it affects coffee farmers around the world.

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In a state that isn't quite known for producing high quality coffee, BeanFruit owner Paul Bonds is not only running a successful company that does just that, but is slowly teaching Mississippians to look at coffee in a whole new way. By consistently producing exceptional roasted coffee, he is leading Mississippians to appreciate not just the drink in their cup, but all the steps it took to make that drink.

As indicated by his national awards and always highly-rated coffees Paul Bonds is setting a new standard for coffee roasters, not just in our state, but in the entire Southeast.

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Mississippi is well known for it’s culinary flavor and flare, but what typically comes to mind is tamales, fried catfish and a host of other cajun delights. Paul Bonds of Beanfruit Coffee Co. is putting Mississippi on the map in a whole new way and with a whole lot of heart and flavor. We’re big fans of his brand, his mission and most of all his delicious products. Brew a cup of coffee, pull up a seat and read on for our recent interview with him…

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A few weeks ago, Lauren (our Eat Jackson sales manager) and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Paul from BeanFruit Coffee Company for a “coffee cupping.” We met Paul and his wife Anita at Lemuria Books in Banner Hall one morning for an experience unlike any other.

I know you’re probably asking yourself, “What is a cupping?” Don’t worry, we didn’t know either. It just sounded cool! A cupping is more or less a tasting with several different coffees side by side, each in a separate small cup. Tasting several coffees one after the other makes it easy to pick out differences and flavors!...

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It takes five to seven years to harvest coffee beans once they have been planted. Considered a fruit, it’s a delicate process to sell coffee as produce. Like other fruit, there’s only so much time before the coffee goes bad. If the market is selling for $2 a pound, but a farmer is offered 50 cents, he has no choice. This is where fair trade and Paul Bonds with Bean Fruit Coffee Company come in...

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I've only ordered coffee online, and it's been wonderful. The coffee is really good, and the value compared to other top coffee businesses is good. Also, in my last order there was a hand written note thanking me for my purchase and to enjoy the Ethiopian I got. Well I'm sold, BeanFruit is great, their product is awesome and the Guy behind it is awesome.

Credit to: Andy Grimes, Facebook Reviewer

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