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Benny’s Boom Boom Room

Locally owned music venue in Hattiesburg, MS. Partner to The Dollar BOX Showroom

The Stories

Don't let the super eclectic wall art fool you, though in an older part of downtown of Hattiesburg, Benny's has become one of my favorite spots to catch a lot of New Orleans based bands passing through. At at 5-8 bucks cover charge, it's an excellent deal. You won't find any martinis or mixed drinks here but I guarantee you'll not have to wait long to get a beer or a shot. It has a very hipster vibe but it doesn't overwhelm the mixed crowd of college kids and 30 something's that flow in an out all night. I imagine if they got their advertising out more on all the good bands that come there during the weekend, it would be a bit crowded.... But at the moment, it's comfortable and enjoyable to catch music on a fri night.....stop by if your curious, you'll more than likely be glad you did...

Credit to: Tosh B., Yelp Reviewer

Credit to: branthax

Benny (the owner) plays the musicians he and his friends enjoy, and he really celebrates new and emerging musicians.

Credit to: Jessica Sims

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