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Big House Books

"Big House doesn’t judge a book by its cover. We believe in literacy for all – even for those in our correctional facilities. That’s why we’ve set out to provide books to Mississippians in prisons and juvenile detention centers. Every person has the right to educate themselves, and it’s our goal to make that a reality."

The Stories

This organization seeks to "protect the right to read" for all people, including inmates. They embody modernity due to their dedication to protecting the humanity of the incarcerated, a sector of the public that is often overlooked. By giving prisoners the ability to gain knowledge, they allow them to grow as people. 

Credit to: Nolie Ramsey

Under most circumstances, one would be correct in assuming that life-changing movements don't begin with a puppet show. Then, there's the team at Big House Books, a Jackson nonprofit that grants book requests for inmates across the state of Mississippi.

Organizers Kelli Gann, Olivia Cote and Katy Morgan, who are all public school teachers, and Shelby Parsons trace the origin of Big House to a local performance from Carrboro, N.C.-based troupe The Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army in December 2014. In conjunction with Chapel Hill, N.C. nonprofit Prison Books Collective, the show explained the history and problems of mass incarceration. At the end of the act, there was a catch...

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Credit to: Micah Smith, Jackson Free Press

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