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Run by Wade Patterson, Blazewalker Pictures makes films which contain "inspiring content that will change the world."

The Stories

Growing up, Wade Patterson wanted to be a novelist. But after reading the book "Moviemakers' Master Class" by Laurent Tirard ($16, Faber & Faber, 2002) during high school, he decided he wanted to be a filmmaker. "When I read that book, it really talked about how you're not just sitting in a room writing a story," Patterson, 30, says. "You're actually out in the world making it with collaborators, and that just sounded so much better than writing a novel by myself in a room. It appealed to the extrovert in me."...

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Credit to: Amber Helsel, Jackson Free Press

A journey through the tragedy and triumph of surviving Hurricane Katrina and rebuilding in the aftermath on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Credit to: Wade Patterson

These guys are really top-notch! Not only are they very professional, but the joy they have in their work is contagious!

Credit to: Shell Enns, Facebook Reviewer

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