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Brown Family Dairy

Run by Billy Ray Brown and his family. Billy Ray is the son of the late Larry Brown, former Oxford, Mississippi firefighter who became one of his era’s most powerful Southern literary voices in fiction and essay. Larry Brown even wrote "Billy Ray's Farm," a collection about his son's aspirations to own and operate a dairy farm. Brown Family Dairy strives to provide healthier alternatives to commercially raised cattle and provides the Oxford area with their milk, cream, and beef. Brown Family Dairy is also a part of the Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network.

"Billy Ray will work hard and his farm will earn him a living, and he will be happy, and his life will be fulfilled, and he will know a great peace in his soul such as few men have ever known. God will smile down upon him and his efforts, and the farm will hum like a well-oiled machine. There will be dogs, and life will be good." —Larry Brown, “Billy Ray’s Farm”

Photo Courtesy of Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network.

The Stories

Billy Ray Brown eventually got his cattle operation running, but he had to work other jobs to maintain it and his growing family. For years he was with the city street department, putting up stop signs and fixing roads, working nights and weekends at a deer-processing plant and installing barbed-wire fencing. “I’d come home from work and go out there with a flashlight trying to put out hay, and man, it was terrible,” recalled Brown, now 35, sitting on the porch swing of the farmstead his grandfather built near Oxford, where he lives with his wife, Paula, and their three children...

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Billy Ray Brown has always loved cows. Six years ago, Brown opened a family dairy powered by his love for the four-legged species and the eye for a specific market. As the proud owner of Brown Family Dairy, his product is distinguishable by a simple red top...

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