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Charboneau Rum Distillery

Charboneau Rum is the first legally distilled rum produced in Mississippi. Charboneau Distillery was restored by Douglas and Regina Charboneau of Natchez Mississippi. The couple purchased King's Tavern in 2013 with the intent to celebrate the art of hand crafted food and liquor. Doug and his son Jean-Luc have attended the American Distilling Institute's Craft Distillers Conference and together are committed to being one of the little guys and bringing something different and interesting to the community.

The Stories

At King’s Tavern it’s easy to believe in ghosts. Natchez’ oldest building, the 230-year-old former travelers’ inn and mail station on Jefferson Street has a well-documented reputation for spiritual activity, with tales of murdered mistresses and hapless boatmen invoked to explain the strange phenomena reported within its ancient walls. But this month the tavern gets a whole new spirit to call its own when the inaugural batch of Charboneau Distillery white rum hits Mississippi shelves. With their son Jean-Luc, tavern owners Doug and Regina Charboneau are establishing the Natchez territory’s first legal distillery and were in the thick of their first fermentation when we spoke in mid-October...

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Credit to: James Fox-Smith, Country Roads Magazine

Credit to: Sherry Lucas, The Clarion-Ledger

“Micro-distilleries are to the 2010s what (beer) microbreweries were to the 1990s,” Jean-Luc said.

The Charboneau distillery’s product is produced using raw sugar and molasses from a Louisiana mill and Natchez municipal water purified through reverse osmosis. Natchez’s water has received numerous awards for its drinkability, Doug said...

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Credit to: Vershal Hogan, Natchez Democrat

The idea had been ripening since a 1990 visit to Martinque and Guadeloupe, where Doug and Regina Charboneau’s before-kids Caribbean vacation went down as easily as the good island rum.

Particularly the aged rum. In the restaurant business, they continued tracking down that taste in the United States.

“We knew what we liked, and we knew what we were looking for, so we’ve been collecting old rums from all over the world, whenever we see them,” Doug said...

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Credit to: Sherry Lucas, Washington Times

Jean-Luc Charboneau and his family are owners and proprietors of Charbneau Distillery and Kings Tavern in Natchez, Mississippi. The businesses are a result of long-held dreams of craftsmanship and a respect for cultural preservation and place-making.

"We’re all about supporting local and supporting made in Mississippi - always focusing on the little guy, because we are the little guy. And we have to work together to take on the big guy." - Jean-Luc

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