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Ciao Chow

An Italian restaurant in New Albany, MS.

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Off the beaten path in downtown Ashland in a tiny little building that seats 46 people at most is a diamond in the rough known as Ciao Chow...

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Credit to: Ginna Parsons, Daily Journal

The food was delicious! The staff were very nice always moving around checking on everyone, they kept us happy smile They make u feel like family, the crab cakes and 3 cheese tortellini were to die for and I want to go back to try more off the menu ! Thank you so much for making our visit to your restaurant such pleasure !

Credit to: Sonia Tucker Hurdle, Facebook Reviewer

It was St. Valentine’s Night of 2012 when a new restaurant touting Italian and Southern cuisine opened its doors in Ashland. The front page of the Southern Advocate proudly displayed a cannoli, an Italian dessert delicacy that some had never heard of. So many wondered how such a restaurant could survive in this small hamlet.

Ciao Chow has not only survived; it has thrived. Over the past four-plus years, many locals have developed a taste for an assortment of parmesans, alfredos, lasagnas, and so many other Italian dishes as well Southern foods such as crab cakes, pork chops, and the chef’s signature steak...

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Credit to: Mike Carroll, Tim Satterfield

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