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Hey Joe’s Record & Cafe

Eat Here. Not There... S. upport O. riginal M. usic E. everyday

Like their slogan, Hey Joe's is straight to the point: committed to three day-to-day constants: quality food, craft beer, and original live music. With a constant flow of great musicians and great burgers it's hard to argue with them. A big city joint in the Delta.

The Stories

Hey Joe’s Facebook page, which has over 4,000 “likes,” is a popular burger, draft beer & music joint with a difference. 

Justin Huerta, owner, got the inspiration for Hey Joe’s from some clubs he liked in big cities around the country. Then he modified it to fit into a Delta style, which makes it truly unique.

Hey Joe’s participates in events sponsored by the non-profit group “Keep Cleveland Boring (KCB),” a tongue-in-cheek effort that includes events such as multiple bands playing through the day and evening and even movies such as “Land,” a 50-minute movie by Delta Native Will Goss that was shown recently. KCB mission is not to literally “keep Cleveland boring,” but instead do the opposite by working to highlight the numerous entertainment options, especially those that feature local, original talent.

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Credit to: Becky Gillette, Mississippi Business Journal

Executive Chef Weejy Rogers, gained his culinary experience the good old fashioned way, starting from the bottom of the restaurant rung as a dishwasher many many years ago. He joined Hey Joe’s in the Summer of 2010 and is behind the best monthly burger recipes of all time.

In his spare time, Chef Weejy is an avid writer, event coordinator, and venue booker for Keep Cleveland Boring and Hey Joe’s. He also plays a mean piano and is a huge fan of Ole Miss and the Memphis Grizzlies. A few of Weejy’s many mottos: Turn it before you burn it. The longer it sits, the better it gets. Don’t count your hatched chickens until they lay eggs.

Credit to: Hey Joe's

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