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The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mississippi is evolving to the point where technology focused startups, emerging companies, and creative entrepreneurs need not only a space in which to function, but the support from an engaged partner and mentor community. Coalesce provides the framework and context for both of these needs. Coalesce is a cooperative and collaborative co-working space located in the central business district of Jackson, Mississippi, with a focus on design aesthetics, a sense of place, and an open workplace for tech focused startups, creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, project teams, and other small businesses so that these groups can create, innovate, collaborate, and of course coalesce.

Matthew McLaughlin, the owner of Coalesce has been nominated as a Modern Mississippian.

The Stories

Coalesce is part of the entrepreneurial fabric of Jackson supporting creative professionals.

“Entrepreneurs and real-estate providers are increasingly recognizing the need for what I call fourth places, places where we can informally connect and engage in dialogue, but also where we can work. Places that freelancers or startups can use on as as-needed basis, or where travelers can set up shop temporarily.”

Credit to: Richard Florida

Matthew McLaughlin is an attorney at Baker Donelson specializing in economic-development work, among other areas. The Millsaps and Mississippi College School of Law grad also serves as counsel to several craft breweries and a Midtown CDC. He blogs about community and the creativity economy at and tweets from @jxnmclaughlin.

Read his interesting article on 'Building Purpose in Jackson', and pay particular attention to the The McLaughlin Challenge, challenging you to be the change for Jackson.

Matthew McLaughlin is making his own way in his law practice and his life in a way that encourages others to make their own way through entrepreneurship. He's thinking outside the box in terms of creating new businesses and ways of working.

Credit to: Julie Skippier

Coalesce Jackson is a collaborative working space in downtown Jackson. Offering traditional and collaborative office spaces, Coalesce wants to build community and creativity throughout Jackson.

“We called it Coalesce--a lot of people have asked us why we chose that name--the definition of that word is to come together and to form one community, and that kinda resonated with us.”-Matthew

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