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Founded in the early 1800’s on the banks of the Pearl River in the Mississippi Territory, the settlement was first named Lott’s Bluff. In 1819, the City of Columbia was formally incorporated and would soon serve as Mississippi’s temporary capital from 1821 to 1822 before LeFleur’s Bluff (now Jackson) was selected as the permanent capital

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Our destination was Columbia, Mississippi, but getting there and back was half the fun. In anticipation of visiting Columbia, I researched its history and some of the local attractions and had a list of several places and things I hoped to photograph while we were there...

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Credit to: Southern Lagniappe

One of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in the South. Now, Columbia high school is recognized as one of the best in Mississippi. In addition to the excellent academic programs, parents in the community expanded the theatre program to where individuals without children in the show volunteer.

Credit to: Ellen Bordeaux

Across the street from Columbia High School, Columbia Water Works Building is another example of Art Deco architecture and is being renovated as a museum.

Credit to: Ellen Bordeaux

Elaine Rader is a jewelry designer from the Upper West Side. She studied dance at Julliard and has lived across the US before coming to Columbia, MS, her current residence.

Richard White was an art conservator at the New Orleans Museum of Art, and after Katrina, he bought two houses in Columbia. One is his residence, and the other he uses for a studio. Each room is for a different medium. 

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