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Crosby Arboretum

The Crosby Arboretum is dedicated to educating the public about their environment. This mission is carried out by preserving, protecting, and displaying plants native to the Pearl River Drainage Basin ecosystem, providing environmental and botanical research opportunities, and offering cultural, scientific, and recreational programs. The Arboretum displays three basic habitats found in this ecosystem: a Savanna exhibit, a Woodland exhibit, and an Aquatic exhibit.

The Stories

Credit to: The Crosby Arboretum

Since its genesis in 1980, Crosby Arboretum in southern Mississippi has attracted international recognition for its contributions to architecture, biology, and landscape design. Now owned and operated by Mississippi State University, Crosby is the first fully realized ecologically designed arboretum in the United States and the premier native plant conservatory in the Southeast...

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Credit to: Robert F. Brzuszek, Project MUSE

I finally had a chance to visit the Arboretum today and I was pleasantly surprised. The check-in person was a lot of help and gave me a bag of food for the turtles and fish.

As I stood on the deck of the Pinecote Pavilion overlooking the water the turtles started swimming up out of nowhere! They know you have food. It was a lot of fun. Bring a camera on your visit.

The signage is plentiful for the various areas and was very informative.
There is plenty of seating around if you want a break or just to soak up the peace and beauty. I can't wait to go back!

Credit to: Marcia Pulling, Facebook Reviewer

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