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Cups in Fondren

“Once upon a time there were two people who were married and passionate about great coffee, art, and music. They also loved to spend time in comfortable local places where they could dream and discuss everyday life problems. Cups an espresso cafe was born, July 31st, 1993.” -Janice

Janice and Dennis Cameron bought Cups in 1993 when it was just a one little cafe in the Fondren neighborhood. People in the community got excited about what they saw and started asking for a Cups in their neighborhood. Now we have company and franchise owned Cups all around the Jackson area. In 1994 Janice and Dennis decided to start roasting a few of the coffees themselves. Over the years we added more and more of our own roast, and then eventually made the decision to only carrying Cups roasted beans. We loved being able to control the quality of our coffees.

Roasting our own beans also allowed us choose the varieties and blends we carried, whether that be a single estate or a house created blend. We wanted our coffees to be Cups—our brand and our vision. Not content to only create art with coffee, Janice set her sights on building a company that supports artists and arts in the community. We display local artists at no commission. We give back to local charities and community events. We look for artists to work as baristas while they are pursuing music, media, or visual arts careers. We offer free wi-fi so students can come study, and business people can have a great meeting place.

It’s not that complicated- our vision- we want to serve our community the best possible coffee experience. For us that means having a crew of people who are both creative and love to serve. It means creating cafes that allow people to create, study, visit, or just enjoy the cup of coffee in peace. It means roasting our own beans and selecting only premium ingredients to make amazing drinks every time.

The Stories

Cups is the epitome of the melting pot that is Mississippi. It is where the crafters and people from all walks gather for two good cups of coffee!

Credit to: Jehrod

Bill Clinton visited Cups in Fondren in March!

Credit to: Imani Khayyam, The Jackson Free Press

Credit to: Find It In Fondren

Credit to: Cups in Fondren

Because coffee, tea, and wifi

Credit to: Justin Rausburg

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