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daniel johnson

Director of Engagement and Learning at the Mississippi Museum of Art

daniel johnson is a creator and explorer working in the fields of relational aesthetics and social practice. johnson engages communities in explorations of collective identity, governance, and the dispositions of structured space.

The Stories

"The New Businessman"
In my opinion, he has changed the perception of political activist and community leaders by being one himself. Unique in style, he is well spoken and powerful.

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Credit to: muddledmediia

News footage from the last nine months fills a television screen with quick cuts from image to image. A dancer moves across the stage in curious confusion. A figure in white emerges, weaving his way toward and around the dancing woman.

Representing the oppressing ideals of opinionated news media, daniel johnson improvises his performance as mr. muddle, a character he created...

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Credit to: Kate Brewster, Jackson Free Press

daniel johnson's latest art project is a family affair. Clad in thick white-framed glasses and dark blue overalls with his name—he doesn't capitalize it—and "Significant Developments" stitched on the front, he works with his wife, Amber Johnson, their 7-year-old son Vesper (in matching blue overalls) and their 18-month-old son Wiley at the Mississippi Museum of Art.    johnson's team of artists—along with any visitors interested in participating—are constructing 2,200 ceramic bells from scratch by March 20, when the art museum will unveil the results. These bells, inscribed with symbols submitted by many Mississippians, will eventually become an installation in the museum's Art Garden...

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Credit to: R.H. Coupe, Jackson Free Press

There is something happening in Jackson: Creativity has met community, and they are embracing. All kinds of artists are experimenting and collaborating, playing with form and context, and looking to share the experience of creativity in a supportive community. The Mississippi Improv Alliance is an exemplar of creativity gone communal. Musicians who like to improvise have morphed into something more...

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Credit to: Greg Williamson, Jackson Free Press

In March of 2013, daniel johnson and Amber Johnson collaborated on a relational art work; to cook dinner for 60 people as an offering to the community engagement art work The Future is on the Table #4 by Gwylene Gallimard and Jean-Marie Mauclet. This relational work was hosted by the Mississippi Museum of Art.

Credit to: muddledmedia

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