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Delta Meat Market

A hometown specialty grocery store with a full service butcher shop has a variety of local and regionally sourced livestock and provisions.

The Stories

Roots run deep for Cole Ellis, Owner and Operator of the Delta Meat Market, both products of the Mississippi Delta. Born and raised in Cleveland, from a young age Ellis relished in his time around the dinner table when family and friends would come together. From his appreciation of fellowship and the basic notion that a good meal serves to enhance experiences as the catalyst of conversation, Ellis has rendered his life’s passion of finding the best ingredients to prepare the most delicious food...

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Delta Meat Market is an oasis of fine craft cuisine in a dessert of mundane fare and fast food. Their food is amazing and their menu constructed daily with surprisingly creative combinations. Their meat, seafood, and cheese selection is among the finest available in the region. You would do yourself a favor to dine their with guests and pick up some amazing dry aged steaks or custom cut country smoked bacon before you go.

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Few places exist in Mississippi small towns where a foodie can pick up a bottle of whiskey-laced Worchestershire sauce, culinary spices, interesting pickles or sauces. But under the bright blue awning in the vintage, bustling space of downtown Cleveland, Mississippi, Delta Meat Market stocks its shelves with items that makes a kitchen dweller’s heart beat faster. If eating, however, takes precedence over cooking, then lunch or dinner at Delta Meat Market still fits the bill. A casual space with an urban industrial atmosphere, it’s the kind of place where everyone just feels comfortable mixing and rubbing elbows...

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