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DIME Entertainment is the Southern cure-all for boredom, and a bold answer to the music lover’s prayer. DIME is a monthly print magazine based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, covering entertainment, the arts, food, drink and culture across the Deep South. DIME shines a megawatt spotlight on the beautiful, the wild and the weird of the southern entertainment world.

Scrap what you’ve read about Mississippi.. the published stats and other downers. Our state is a rich one, not in currency but in culture. The true Deep South, and Mississippi in particular, is drenched with artistic talent thicker than our humidity, and personality bigger than our hairdos.

The Stories

Jacqueline Lee / Editor-In-Chief

Jackie has worked as a real estate agent, non-profit coordinator, marketing consultant festival planner and a maid over the last four years. She provides consulting to the Mississippi Main Street Association and loves spending time in historic downtown districts across the country, learning about old buildings and people watching. She is on a mission to find the perfect margarita if it takes the rest of her life.

Dime Magazine is a magazine in Hattiesburg which shows a different perspective of the south through words, pictures, art and graphics

Credit to: Kendra Smith-Ray


Win the opportunity to have your story published in print and become a Modern Mississippi journalist or blogger.

DIME Entertainment and the Mississippi Museum of Art invite you to submit your work for publication in an upcoming issue of DIME and on the web. Think poetry, essay and short fiction. Share your blog, instagram, or online portfolio for a chance to be featured as well. Submission can be sent to with the subject: BeModernMS. You can also tag @dime_entertainment on instagram. We’ll be sharing your original work!

To find out more about the competition click here.

Credit to: Modern crew

It's all about new Modern music, art & people in Mississippi. Plus they give a free art poster with each edition!

Credit to: R. Moore

We are proud to have Dime, one of our partners, nominated as a Modern Mississippian publication. Well done guys - your hard work is being recognized - keep it up!

Credit to: Modern crew

Jacqueline Lee, editor of Dime Magazine, pushed for a magazine that highlights and represents the arts across Mississippi. Now, Dime covers arts, culture, and entertainment in our state.

“I think what we suffer from here the most is a self-esteem issue. We’re just not fully aware of how cool we really are, and some of the goods, the experiences, that you can have here people in Los Angles and Austin and Nashville couldn’t replicate if they tried.”-Jacqueline

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