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Electric Dagger Tattoo

Nominated Best Tattoo/Piercing Parlor in Jackson 2016. They're constantly producing new creations of the same colors & in an old profession.

The Stories

I’m Mallory Palmertree and I’m a tattoo artist at Electric Dagger Tattoo. Our shop is in the basement of the Fondren Corner building at 2906 N. State St. in Jackson.

I got my first tattoo at the age of 19. It was a sun-moon combo on my left shoulder. It was something that incorporated everything I liked that I could get for $60. I later got a matching one on my right shoulder. And I haven’t stopped getting tattoos since. Now I have somewhere between 63 to 70 tattoos.

I’ve always had an interest in art and drawing. Outside of work I like to paint watercolors. The walls of Electric Dagger are full of framed artwork done by the artists in the shop or from artists around the country.

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Credit to: The Clarion Ledger, Photo - Joe Ellis,

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