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Ethel Wright Mohamed Stitchery Museum

Often called Mississippi's Grandma Moses of stitchery, Ethel Wright Mohamed, was born in 1906 and died in 1992. She used beautiful and intricate stitches to tell the stories of her family's life on fabric. Through this unique and beautiful "painting with thread" she has given us a view into the history of the Mississippi Delta's way of life. She called her work "memory pictures". This history includes her marriage, eight children, and numerous scenes of family memories that they all shared. She included their beloved housekeeper, Mittie, who helped raise the children and care for the family. Her stitchery has achieved international acclaim.

The Stories

"Listen, as I pull the needle through the material, it makes music. I think that's the reason I'm so enchanted with it," it's a very quiet but beautiful sound. It sounds like birds singing, don't you think?"...

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Credit to: Jill R. Chancey, Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

Credit to: Marissa Fortunata

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