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Fondren Fro-Yo

Fondren Fro-Yo opened February 3, 2016 in the Woodland Hills Shopping Center in Fondren thanks to Anthony Ritter, owner of Glo Design Studio located in the same center. His love for the neighborhood, and the desire to keep it current and fun, led Anthony along with with local thinkers, to come up with a frozen yogurt shop. “I wanted something that would be yet another great reason to come to Fondren every day.”

The Stories

Chocolate is childhood for Betsy Mullins.

The south Mississippi native grew up in and around her mother’s small business, The Chocolate Delight, in Natchez and says sweets were always around. “You might think that would make me not like sweets as much, but it’s the total opposite,” she says. “To this day, when I go home, there are cake scraps and cookies my mom has done for someone and I’m first to dig in.”

Mullins has entrenched herself in the “family business,” so to speak, as she begins her work as general manager of Fondren Fro-Yo, a frozen yogurt shop opening Wednesday in Fondren...

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