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Foot Print Farms

Before Dr. Cindy Ayers Elliot established Foot Print Farms, LLC (2010) in the city of Jackson, she was an investment banker in New York and a CEO of Delta Enterprises in Mississippi Delta. “Trading in her high heels for a pair of work boots,” she has planted seeds in the soils of the beautiful Mother Earth and in the minds of the young future entrepreneurs. She dedicates her time and efforts to ensure that her farm is economical and environmentally friendly as well as an educational tool for novice farmers. A 68 acre specialty crops, vegetables and livestock farm – with a focus on agri-tourism for community development in the City of Jackson. Foot Print farms grows an array of fruits and vegetables, raising chickens, cattle, horses and meat goats. She believes that planting a seed in the earth will grow fresh vegetables however, planting a seed in the minds of young people will create a new universe of scholars.

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A farm in the city of Jackson who helps to bring fresh, affordable, local food to the people in the city. So the neighborhoods have healthy food. Thank you so much Footprint Farms!

Footprint Farms reaches in to the community, family and friends, teaching the healthy way to live 'fresh for the farm'!!!!!!!!

Credit to: community member

Jeff Gibson was stunned.

He sat on stage at ABC Studios in New York City with Cindy Ayers-Elliott, an investment banker turned Mississippi organic farmer, for a taping on the daytime talk show “Katie.” They met the year before, when Gibson sought Ayers-Elliott for donations for the woebegone Wingfield High School football program he coached. She didn’t give him money. Instead, she gave his players an opportunity that’s changed lives...

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Credit to: The Clarion Ledger

Teaching others to farm is important to Elliott. She wants her goat ranch and organic vegetable garden to serve as a place where people can learn to farm, especially single mothers and people who may be socially or economically disadvantaged...

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Credit to: Justin Fritscher, NRCS Mississippi

Foot Print Farms, a farm in the city of Jackson that helps to bring fresh, affordable, local food to the city for neighborhoods to have healthy food.

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Foot Print Farms is the largest urban farm in the state of Mississippi, and its existence is indebted to Cindy Ayers, the founder of Foot Print Farms. They help train farmers throughout the state to work with communities and help address the issue of food deserts in Mississippi. Established in 2010, Foot Print Farms continues to impact the community with their work.

“We are very different, a unique type of farm. We do a lot of training of young farmers to teach them how to work with communities on how they can grow some of their own food, to help address food deserts here in our state, and especially in our city. So right now I’m excited to be a farmer here in the city of Jackson and to be able to make a difference. And I feel like we are making a difference in our community.”- Cindy

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