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Front Porch Dance

Front Porch Dance is a collective of local dancers who collaborate to produce innovative choreographic works. Their aim is to create approachable dance art that promotes awareness and appreciation of contemporary dance.

The Stories

Credit to: Front Porch

On Saturday, January 31, 2015, Front Porch Dance, a Jackson-based contemporary dance company, will present an evening of Mississippi Stories in Motion - Retold, displaying original choreography that reflects the rich stories and culture of Mississippi. All proceeds from the dance concert will be donated the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum Foundation to help in the recovery from the recent fire at their facility. Come help us celebrate this beautiful space and its cultural heritage through an evening of stories told through movement.

The choreography to be displayed was originally inspired by the sights, sounds, and textures of “The Mississippi Story” exhibition at the Mississippi Museum of Art as well as to specific stories told in and through the artwork within this unique permanent collection. Front Porch Dance has reinvented and restaged the repertoire of Mississippi Stories in Motion, and the choreography will be retold with new vision and perspective...

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Credit to: Jackson Free Press

Credit to: Front Porch

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